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Typhoon Mawar Loan Payment Relief

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

UPDATE: Loan Payment Relief Program has ended as of 7/31/23.

Community First Guam Federal Credit Union announced the following loan payment relief options for its members as a result of Typhoon Mawar.

Members’ consumer loans and credit cards have automatically been given a 1-month skip pay/deferral as of 5/31/2023.

Community First is currently working on providing all residential adjustable-rate mortgage borrowers, and most business and commercial loan borrowers, an automatic 1-month forbearance or skip- pay.

If you have a fixed rate Freddie Mac mortgage, payment forbearances are available upon request.

If you didn’t want or need a payment skip/deferral, you can just proceed in making your regular payment(s).

For additional information, inquiries on your Freddie Mac mortgage, or if more assistance is needed; please contact us via email to; call (671) 472-5626; or visit a member service center and you will be directed accordingly.


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