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Personal Loans

We offer signature loans, credit cards, and auto loans to fit your needs. 

Call (671) 472-8210 for current rates. 

Signature Loans

We all have a need for extra funds. Whether its for a long overdue vacation, minor repairs to your home or vehicle, or an unexpected emergency, Community First is here to provide you with a financial solution.


Available Signature Loan Types:

  • Unsecured: Signature loan, based on a signature promising to repay

  • Share Secured: A Community First deposit account is offered as secured collateral.

Credit Cards & Lines of Credit

Community First offers VISA® Signature (up to $8,500.00) and VISA® Platinum ($8,500.01 or more) Credit Cards. We can help you find the right card that fits your needs. Available in secured or unsecured.

Personal Lines of Credit

Community First proudly offers Equity Access Personal Lines of Credit.  Access your line of credit funds and use when you need it most. Available in secured or unsecured.

Auto Loans

Whether you're looking for a new or used vehicle, Community First can tailor a loan package that will fit your budget and have you driving off the lot in no time. Four-wheeled vehicles aren't for you? We also offer financing for motorcycles and boats.

Scorecard Rewards

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent using your Community First credit card. Use these points towards a wide variety of rewards at

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