If you expect that you will be going through financial hardships resulting from the effects of the federal furlough, call us today.  We may be able to provide temporary relief by restructuring your loans with us.


Community First has trained Credit Counselors who can help you through this situation.  A proactive approach may help to save your credit reputation from the negative marks associated with missed or late payments.


Call us at 472-8210 to speak with a Credit Counselor and let us help you today.


The process:



Before you call, please gather the following financial information that we’ll be asking for:

  1. Your Loan Number;
  2. The monthly pre-tax income of each borrower on the loan;
  3. Description of Hardship;
  4. Details of your monthly household expenses;


If members are eligible to apply for deferment or forbearance, we’ll tell you about some important deadlines.


After the call, you’ll need to submit a hardship letter explaining your current financial difficulty. We’ll have a Credit Counseling Officer assist you through this process.



If your approved, your Credit Counselor will send you a letter outlining the terms of your deferment or forbearance, which may include:


  1. Temporary suspending your mortgage or consumer loan payments, including tax and insurance payments for escrow accounts, for a set period of no more than 90 calendar days.
  2. Deferment of your mortgage or loan payments including escrow/impounds for a set period, typically no more than 90-calendar days.


In most cases, if the member agrees to the terms, you’ll need to sign and return a copy of the offer letter. Your Credit Counseling Officer will let you know whether you need to return any signed documents to us.



After your situation has improved, you’ll need to repay the past due amount, according to the plan outlined in your deferment or forbearance offer letter, which may include the following:


  1. Increasing the amount of  your monthly loan or mortgage payments until the past due is repaid,
  2. Making a one-time payment of the full past due amount.
  3. Adding the full past due amount to the back-end of your loan or mortgage, extending the length of your loan or mortgage until the entire balance is paid off.



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